Create Invite

This api allows you to onboard your drivers in to our Task mangement app or to your custom developed app easily. let's see how we can do that.


Request Body

Parameters Requires Values Descriptions
apikey yes The api key is the unique identfier for your respective application. (You can get it from your Dashboard). Always pass this as query parameter.
user_id The driver id is a key to identify and retrieve a particular driver from the list.
name no The name of a the driver.
mobile no The contact number of the driver.
email no The email of the the driver.


   "message":"Invite Created",

Share the url or invite code to your driver. The url will help the driver to install the Task Mangement app if not installed. If already installed in the device then it will be automatically configured. Your driver can also enter the 6 digit code in the app to onboard.

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