To begin with – The configuration steps


  • Initiate our SDK by adding the following line of code in your Application class.

  • Open Podfile and add the below code snippet.

target 'Your App name' do
    pod 'teliver'

For Swift 4 and below, use teliver v1.1.3

pod 'teliver', '1.1.3'

If use_framework! Is commented, please uncomment it.

  • Install cocoapods using pod install.

Note: If the project is using Cocoapods, it will auto generate a .xcodeworkspace for our application. Please quit the running application and reopen using .xcodeworkspace

  • Enable the following in your build settings.

  • Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries.

  • Allow Non-Modular Includes In Framework Modules.

  • Enable the following in info.plist of your project.

  1. Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description.

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