Web Tracking

To integrate Teliver Live tracking on your website, you can use the following API to generate a web tracking url which can be used to embed in to your website. Let's see how to integrate a trip tracking in to your website. your api key can be found in your account dashboard under Integration.

Generating Web Tracking URL for Trip
GET https://api.teliver.xyz/v1/trips/trackingurl/{trip_id_here}?apikey=api_key_here

ex: if your trip id is "59bcd46247688ef" then the url will be

Generating Web Tracking URL for Task
GET https://api.teliver.xyz/v1/task/trackingurl/{task_id_here}?apikey=api_key_here

ex: if your task id is "Hg6TeXSRF" then the url will be



   "message":"Trip - Web Url Generated",

You can use the above url directly to track a trip real-time or you can use an iframe to embeed it in your website as like below

<iframe src="http://track.teliver.io/ttrx/1aeaf230-a4f4-11e7-a2b1">

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