Now let’s witness the magical spells

  • Initiate our SDK by adding the following code snippet in your Appdelegate class
let teliver=TeliverSettings.init(withAppKey: "TELIVER_KEY")
Teliver.init(withTeliverSettings: teliver)
TeliverSettings* settings = [[TeliverSettings alloc]initWithAppKey:@"TELIVER_KEY"];
[[Teliver alloc]initWithTeliverSettings:settings];

Note: You can get the Teliver key from our dashboard.

  • Next, setting-up the consumer side in order to receive location updates.
let startTracking = TeliverTracker.init(forTrackingId: "Tracking_Id")
Teliver.startTrackingFor(user: startTracking, withNavigationTitle: "Location Tracking")
TeliverTracker *tracker = [[TeliverTracker alloc]initForTrackingId:@"Tracking_Id"]];
[Teliver startTrackingForUser:tracker withNavigationTitle:@"Location Tracking"];

Note: The Tracking_Id here is same as the id you given in previous step of operator start trip.

Ref: The above view will appear on calling startTracking

Yay!! That’s all... Now you can track an Operator.

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