Teliver provides its customers an exclusive platform (Operator app) for companies to invite and administrate their drivers.

You can also assign trips directly to your Operators with the help of the API provided below.

To begin with – Get the api key from Dashboard.

Assign Trips

Parameters Required Description
apikey Yes The api key is the unique identfier for your respective application. (You can get it from your Dashboard). Always pass this as query parameter.
tracking_id Yes This is required to start the trip from Operator app.
user_id Yes This is required to identify to whom the trip has to be assigned. This is same id as identifying user in SDK.
message No Providing this will make the given text as the notification message.
dest No Providing this will show the target destination to your operator on map.
desc No Providing this will show any additional information to your operator. (You can also design this content with html tags)
{"message":"Request sent to Operator","success":true}

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