Easy Task Management for your drivers.

Teliver provides its customers an exclusive platform (Task Mangement app) for companies to invite and administrate their drivers. You can also assign tasks directly to your Operators with the help of the API provided.

To begin with – Get the api key from Dashboard.

We have covered all that you need to manage your drivers with features that holds a strong grip on your business. The steps involved to automate your task creation process has been explained in this part of the document. Meanwhile lets see the status involved in tasks for your easier understandings.

Task Status Description
created Indicates the task is created.
assigned Indicates the task is assigned to a driver.
accepted Indicates the task is accepted by a driver.
rejected Indicates the task is rejected by a driver.
in_progress Indicates a on-going task.
cancelled Indicates a task is cancelled by a driver.
completed Indicates the task is completed by a driver.

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